FCAN Foundation's COVID-19 Emergency Response

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic presents a far-reaching and evolving challenge for the state of Florida, our nation, and the world. While there is much we do not know and cannot plan for, one thing is certain: now and in the coming months, we must take care of ourselves and our families. We urge Floridians to listen to their health care providers such as family doctors, ER docs, pediatricians, and other experts who know how to fight the virus. FCAN Foundation will continue to be a strong voice to protect our health, stand up for consumers, and ensure the safety and legitimacy of upcoming elections.

Pediatrician Elizabeth Hornbeck talks about COVID-19

An ER Doc Talks about COVID-19

St. Pete Police Chief Anthony Holloway talks about vaccination

Avoid COVID-19 SCAMS and Price Gouging

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36th Annual Trouble in Toyland Report

            2021 Trouble in Toyland Report (PDF 32 pages)

            News Release Word Docx

            Toyland 2021 FAQs Word Docx

            Tips to Spot Counterfeit Toys 


Time to Reign In Florida Predatory Lenders

High-Cost Predatory Rent-a-Bank Schemes in Florida

Florida APR Source: National Consumer Law Center

Florida law limits interest rates to protect its residents from predatory lending.
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Unfortunately, high-cost online lenders are evading Florida law by laundering their loans through rogue, out-of-state banks, which are not subject to state rate caps. In a “rent-a-bank” scheme, a loan program is designed and run by a nonbank lender that charges and collects interest and makes the bulk of the profits.

But a bank’s name is on the paperwork, and the lender claims it is a “bank loan” exempt from state law. Predatory rent-a-bank lending hurts consumers, disabled veterans, and small business owners who can lose their homes to 121% APR loans.

These installment lenders are now using rent-a-bank schemes to evade Florida law1

1. Source:  National Consumer Law Center  https://www.nclc.org/issues/high-cost-small-loans/rent-a-bank-loan-watch-list.html

The legality of rent-a-bank schemes is questionable. But in 2020, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency approved a “fake lender” rule that prevents courts from following the money to prevent usury law evasions. A second set of OCC and FDIC rules preempting state rate caps on assigned loans also help protect high-cost loans laundered through banks. Both rules have been challenged.   

To preserve Florida’s authority to stop predatory lending, we must:


Used Car Recalls Press Release and Files

Unsafe Used Cars (docx file)
Florida PIRG Unsafe Used Cars For Sale
Find out if a used car has been recalled

FCAN Foundation stands for an America where everyone gets their fair share, does their fair share, and pays their fair share; and where everyone plays by the same rules.

FCAN Organizer leads Complete Streets Bike Ride

FCAN Organizer Leads Complete Streets Bike Ride

Complete Streets

Complete Streets are safe for people of all ages and abilities and serve people traveling in all different ways: walking, biking, taking transit, or just enjoying the street as a public space.

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Civil Engagement

We believe consumers should be educated not only on issues but on the processes in government at all levels that affect issues. It is important that consumers know who the decision makers in their community are and how they are influenced.

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Get the Lead Out

In the wake of the tragedy in Flint, Michigan, we now know the toxic threat of lead in drinking water extends to thousands of communities across the country.

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